Fittings and accesories

Fittings and accessories

Invisible or eye-catching, curtain fittings are not just a necessary part of the window treatment – they provide extra functionality to your window coverings and can be an elegant design element in your interior. Various technical solutions make the opening and closing of curtains, blinds and panels simple and handy even in rooms with tall windows and heavy draperies, as well as help your room look neat at any time of day. We offer a wide selection of curtain rods and rails, curtain rod finials, automated opening mechanisms for blinds and curtains, as well as decorative trimmings, pompons, beads and tiebacks in a wide variety of designs to personalize your window covers.

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Curtain rails, rods and finials

Apart from the classic curtain rods and finials there are innovative and eye-catching fittings made of glass, wood and various types of metal. We offer curtain rails with enhanced sliding for an effortless opening and closing of even the heaviest of curtains, as well as fully automated mechanisms for premises with oversized windows or windows that are hard to reach.

Curtain tapes

Curtain or heading tapes allow draping the curtain panels neatly and evenly, gathering the folds of the fabric in varying intervals and styles. With pencil pleat headings, your curtain pleats will look like a neat row of pencils. A double or triple pinch pleat heading will give the curtains a permanent rhythmical fold. A classic gathered tape gives more flexibility to adjust the curtains to the width of the window, adding a relaxed and informal look. For a modern feel, we suggest eyelet headings or tab top headings that will organise curtains in soft folds.

Tiebacks and trimmings

The various curtain accessories are like frosting on a cake – they add individual touches to your window treatment or even change the overall style of your curtains. Our designers will help you choose among the wide selection of accessories – curtain tiebacks of different colours, sizes and shapes, magnetic tiebacks, as well as trimmings of various sorts that will help personalize your home.