Blinds are a good alternative to classic curtains as they are simple in maintenance, less costly and offer added functionality. At Domo Dizains, you can order custom-made classic horizontal and vertical, Roman and roll-up blinds, and complement them with electric and fully automated opening mechanisms.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds is the most popular type of fabric blinds – they are easy to remove for cleaning, they allow for endless style and function variations fit not only for bathrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms, but also for bedrooms, living rooms and public spaces. Almost any kind of fabric can be used for Roman blinds, from sheers to velvets and jacquards. By choosing among the numerous folding and mounting options (wall or ceiling mounting, or fitting directly to the window frame), you can create an elegant and practical window covering in any room.

Horizontal and vertical blinds

The modern version of the horizontal blinds with wide slats (up to 5 cm wide) – either natural or tinted, made of oak, spruce or other types of wood are - is an increasingly popular trend in window treatment design. In general, horizontal blinds are practical, functional and easy to clean. When in open position, the wide slats do not obstruct the view as much as the narrow-slatted predecessors, at the same time efficiently blocking light and providing privacy when closed. They give a sleek and modern look to any room in your home – from kitchen to the living room. For a more classic feel, they can be paired with night curtains or layered with sheers.

Industrially manufactured pleated blinds are another popular option – instead of slats, they are made of pleated fabric and can be mounted right to the window glass. They have various modes of opening – top-down, bottom-up or both ways, adjusting the amount of light and privacy in the room.

Panel curtains

Compared to traditional curtains, panels add a lighter touch to the room. They are lightweight and functional – an excellent solution for floor-to-ceiling windows. Various types of fabric can be mixed to give your window treatments a more interesting look and added functionality. Panels are mostly used in offices and minimalist interiors as window coverings as well as room dividers. Panel curtains can be complemented with fully automated electric opening and closing mechanisms.


Roll-up blinds

Roll-up blinds are a popular budget option if you are looking for a simple yet efficient way to darken the room. Often paired with sheer curtains, they efficiently block light and provide privacy, therefore they are often used in bathrooms, offices and children’s rooms. At Domo Dizains, you can order cassette blinds – they are mounted directly to the window glass and make the opening and closing of the window quick and effortless.