Curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics

We offer stylistically diverse curtain and upholstery fabrics. At Domo Dizains showrooms, we keep a stock of over 300 types of most popular fabrics, but more demanding customers can choose from over 1000 types of fabric from catalogues of more than 40 European brands. Our team of professionals can assist you in choosing the right fabric to suit your individual taste and needs.

Sheer curtains

Sheers soften the light in the room and protect your privacy. Finely woven transparent fabrics can act as air filters, absorbing dust that enters the room through open windows, as well as help conceal heating and ventilation elements. Sheers are usually paired with thicker drapes or shades, or combined in layers with other kinds of sheer or semi-transparent fabrics. Organza and similar types of transparent fabric can be used in Roman blinds and panel curtains, adding a clean and crisp touch to the room. Darker shades of sheers are popular in interiors with oversized windows, while embroidered voile and lace along with linen fabrics complement the interiors in country homes and summer cottages.

Sheer curtains are generally less expensive than night curtains, and with the variety of materials, colours and textures available on the market, they can become a highly functional window cover for your home or office.

Night curtains and draperies

Block colours, natural or innovative synthetic fibers, fine prints or patterned jacquards, thick and sturdy or light and airy – the choice of curtain fabrics on the market is remarkably wide. Most curtain fabrics come in two standard widths – 1.4 m and 2.8 m, and fall into three categories depending on their ability to block the light (regular, dim-out and blackout).

Linen and its imitations are amongst the most-demanded fabrics for curtains and upholstery, representing the modern drive towards everything natural and matching almost any interior style. Another popular choice is cotton - its versatility and durability makes it a perfect choice for nurseries, children's rooms and holiday homes. Cotton is a perfect material for prints, both classic and modern.

Faux silk fabrics is a practical alternative to natural silk – they are easier in maintenance, sturdier and texturally diverse. Those who seek timeless elegance will appreciate tuft and jacquard, as they add sophistication and glamour to both classic and modern homes.

Velvet is back in the game, bringing coziness and glamour into a home. Modern velvets can have innovative textures that create surprising visual effects. Domo Dizains has a wide selection of classic velvet fabrics in all colours of the rainbow, as well as sophisticated velvets of high natural fibre density and innovative designs – they will last a lifetime without losing their appeal.

Fabrics with specific qualities

To help meet the highest safety and comfort standards in homes and public spaces, textile industry offers highly innovative fabrics featuring an array of specific qualities. Blackout and dim-out fabrics for bedrooms and hotel rooms, acoustic, fire-resistant and flame retardant fabrics for offices, restaurants and homes are available at Domo Dizains showrooms.

Blackout and dim-out fabrics effectively block daylight at any time of day. Visually, they can barely be distinguished from regular curtain fabrics – beneath the decorative top layer there is a special light-blocking material, which eliminates the need for a lining. Moreover, the density of the weave muffles outside noises and helps keep out the cold in the winter and hot in the summer, making them a perfect choice for bedrooms, nurseries and conference rooms.

The felt-like acoustic fabrics are very efficient at absorbing sound and improving the overall acoustics in the room. They are increasingly popular as room partition draperies in open-floor offices, in meeting rooms and other public spaces. They are an excellent soundproofing solution if you need more peace and quiet in your home or office without investing a fortune.

Flame retardant and fireproof fabrics do not emit toxic fumes in case of fire and prevent the spreading of flames. We offer fire resistant fabrics for hotels, care homes, schools and other public spaces, as well as for homes with open fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and other fire safety challenges.

Luxury textiles

If you are looking for something truly special, Domo Dizains is the place to look. We offer luxury textiles from established European brands like Christian Fischbacher, Wind, James Hare, Eijffinger, Voyage Maison, Kobe, Clarke & Clarke and others. Our selected fabrics are examples of meticulous craftsmanship and technological innovation – textiles imitating metallic sheen, textures of wood, stone or animal skin; embroidered jacquards, textiles embossed with beads, silver and gold threads, linen and pure wool fabrics. Be it textile masterpieces with prints or woven patterns copying centuries-old designs or highly innovative and modern fabrics of the finest quality, they will bring a touch of luxury and sophistication into your home.