Window treatment design

Window treatment design

Window treatment has great impact on the look and feel of a room. Old-fashioned curtains will make even a modernly furnished room look outdated, or add a modern twist to a classic interior. To make your window coverings a success, a professional’s advice can be a gamechanger. In a balanced interior, its various elements work in smooth synergy, complementing one another and creating a balanced backdrop for everyday living. Our designers provide free consultations to both individual and business clients, and we collaborate with architects, interior designers and decorators to create interiors that match the unique personalities of our clients. We help our customers in choosing the right curtains and other decorative home textiles to update the look of their interiors, as well as develop window treatment solutions for new properties – flats, houses, offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.

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Raibi aizkari un rozā ziedi uz galda


Block colours, spaciousness, simplicity of décor and furnishings characterise minimalist interiors – here the personality of the host is in focus. Unless you opt for bare windows, window coverings in minimalist interiors will most likely be a backdrop rather than an accent. Linen fabrics in earthy hues or high-tech textiles with innovative textures will add a finishing touch to a sleek and modern interior. Monochrome colour palette plays a special part in minimalist interiors, along with the textures of wood, stone and other natural materials. Curtains that fall flush with the floor will help maintain the clean and modern look of the room.

Contemporary classics

If you love the luxury of classic interiors but do not want to be overwhelmed by the heaviness of historic décor, most probably contemporary classics is the way to go to add timeless elegance to your home. This style combines the design elements of historic styles with modern airy feel, soft colours and textures. Beige, grey, pale blue and olive, brown, golden and silver, black and white dominate spaces designed in the style of contemporary classics. Fabrics with elegant geometric patterns, contrasting textures, trimmings, and modern interpretations of prints of different epochs can help create an aura of classic elegance with a modern feel in your space.

Historic styles

Art deco, neo classicism, art nouveau, baroque or rococo – the key design elements of these historic styles live on in modern homes, either reminding of the past times in individual details or setting the overall ambience n the room. If you like crisp colours, rich details, chic and luxury, traditional drapes of silk or velvet with trimmings, lambriquens and tiebacks, at Domo Dizains you will find exact copies of fabrics and accessories from bygone epochs, as well as modern interpretations of various historic styles in natural and synthetic fibers.

Modern trends

We like to keep up with the latest trends in interior design to bring our customers the trendiest materials and design solutions. In the collections of brands represented by Domo Dizains, there are fabrics that will allow you to furbish your home or business in the latest fashion – from functional and innovative fabrics to complement minimalist interiors to textiles inspired by the eccentric colourfulness of the 1970s to create joyful and contemporary atmosphere in your space.